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One of the trendiest weight loss methods by working out is TaeBo, a name derived from Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience and it is a combination of aerobics, karate, dance and weight training. The rhythm and music background of the workout session are fast. This sports activity is beneficial for blood circulation, since it puts at work all the body muscles, improving balance, coordination, mobility and strengthening the skeletal system. The training conditions are represented by aerobics, beneficial for the cardiovascular system; however, the most important aspect to Tae Bo, for most of the trainees, is the manner in which calories are burnt. In one hour of training, you will burn 500-800 calories, as compared to 300-400 calories burnt during a classic aerobics session.

Tae Bo is a work out activity developed by fusion of martial arts with a contemporary sports activity: Tae-Kwon-Do with boxing accompanied by music and aerobics. It is a new form of work out executed while music plays in the background, with punches, as in boxing, and with leg hits, as in martial arts, but without an opponent.

Tae Bo classes put at work, practically the entire body by the combinations of hits and motions, under the instructors’ guidance and to the rhythm of the music. The manner of executing the exercises is designed in such a way that the negative impact on the articulations should be minimum, whereas the impact on the muscles is maximum. The arm techniques involve the shoulders, the biceps, the triceps, the chest, while the leg hits involve the thigh muscles, the calf, as well as the abdomen and the buttocks. The straight from the shoulder, the uppercut and the hook are the hits used most frequently.

Whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, Tae Bo includes many sets of exercises and combinations in order to provide permanently diversity and challenge.

Tae Bo classes in Sibiu – held at TERRASPORTIKA Sports Club – instructor Ovidiu Bastea

We run sessions for the people who want activity in their life and who intend to keep fit, irrespective of age.

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Video Sedinta Tae Bo – Aerobic – Sala Transilvania

Video Sedinta Tae Bo – Aerobic cu Bastoane, Cercuri si Mingi de Fitness mici

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