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Everyone has thoughts of a supple abdomen, irrespective of their body-build. While drastic regimens help us lose weight, we may not always look like we wanted to, precisely because diets do not shape the body.

Pilates workout routines were invented for everyone – one of the most modern and efficient body shaping alternatives. The routines rely on the gradual, constant increase of their difficulty. Thus, individual resistance is followed, while excessive effort is not required. You get muscle tone, you reshape your buttocks and find you can correct certain conditions of the spine. These exercises have a great advantage, they can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of age, sex or physical condition.

Pilates workouts focus on the quality rather than on the quantity of movement, which makes us feel relaxed instead of tired after a Pilates session. Pilates mean a balanced approach, so that no muscle group is overstrained and the body works efficiently.

Reasons to try the Pilates method:

  • increases muscle tone
  • decreases the stress level
  • improves the mobility of the articulations
  • improves blood flow and body posture
  • provides energy and vitality to the entire body

Depending on the objectives in mind, Pilates exercises are divided in four categories:

  • Abdominal Pilates – abdominal and waist toning exercises. Fat around the waist area is lost fast and you obtain a flat and firm abdomen.
  • Trunk Pilates – workout meant to shape your arms and help you get a firm and appealing chest area.
  • Leg and buttocks Pilates – get rid of fat, legs become thinner and buttocks get a new, very appealing and sexy shape.
  • Body balancing Pilates – the secret to a beautiful body is muscle harmony. In order to perfect your physical appearance, you can execute workout routines meant to provide precisely the details you need in order to be truly fit.

The Pilates method relies on three concepts. The first things to learn are correct breathing and posture. You inhale through nose and exhale through mouth. The rhythm must be constant, at all times correlated with the movement. The correct execution of the exercises is very important. The abdomen must be slightly tight and the back straight. Relax your shoulders and push your pelvis slightly forward, by keeping the buttocks tight.

Second, abdominal workout is executed while the back and the abdomen are well tight. Constantly alternate brief and rapid exercises with slow and intensive movements. The back must be kept straight and the chin up in order to breathe appropriately.

Last but not least, leg and pelvic area exercises must be executed at all times by keeping the buttocks slightly tight. In this manner, the spine is maintained in a neutral position.

In line with these principles, Pilates have evolved in very distinct directions – ranging from a series of body care and shaping exercises to a form of spinal injury healing, from pregnant workout routines to plans for the alleviation of arthritis.


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